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A powerful backlink indexing system helps you save more money. IndexPush is born to fulfill that mission. Your links have been recognized and indexed by the Google bot within a period of 5 to 7 days. Experience it now!

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Features of tool

Rapid indexing

The IndexPush server system is continuously upgraded with multiple mechanisms to summon various bots, aiding search engines in swiftly indexing your URLs on Google and Bing.

Smart URL filtering

To avoid wasting your quota, IndexPush conducts filtering to eliminate unsuitable URLs for indexing. The tool will inform you about the specific reasons for each excluded URL.

Email reporting

After successfully pushing the URLs to ScapBot’s server, the tool will email you a report containing all the compliant URLs, making it easy for you to manage your tasks.

Robust indexing

If you’ve used other indexing tools in the market but still struggle to index crucial links, give IndexPush a try. For instance, links from platforms like Amazon or Wikipedia…

Multi-tool integration

As part of the ScapBot ecosystem, your IndexPush account can be seamlessly integrated with other SEO tools such as SocialPion or EntityRank.

Indexing verification

The truth is you can monitor the indexing status of all pushed links using the completely free software, without the need for proxies or captchas.


Modern backlink indexing software

To utilize the software, you need to install it on a computer running Windows 10 or above. The tool operates smoothly with low CPU and RAM usage.

IndexPush boasts a design featuring a modern interface, and a visual notification log screen that provides information about the status of each URL.

You can also receive detailed reports about the indexable links through the link provided by the tool after completion.

Structure format: C:\IndexPush\Report\indexed….txt

Intuitive interface for managing link pushes

We understand that the world needs to be organized in a scientific manner, and so do your URLs.

Through the link push management interface, you can track the time you send URLs to ScapBot’s processing server. You can monitor the status and check the indexing of each URL.


IndexPush is born for all SEO practitioners

The learning curve to use IndexPush is virtually non-existent. You might not even need to read the user manual to effortlessly operate the tool.

Your Email: Your account’s email address

Access Key: Access key for tool usage

Link list: List of URLs to be indexed (txt file)

Email Report: Choose to receive report via email

#IndexPush is crafted to fulfill the mission of ensuring that every generated URL must be known to search engines and indexed. With the superior technological solution from ScapBot, we believe that your SEO project deserves to receive the maximum possible link power.

– Mr. Harry Paul (Lead Developer, ScapBot JSC)



Quota Pricing

IndexPush is proud to be a backlink indexing tool for only $0.025 per URL



Links Push: 600

Time Used: 30 days

Check Indexed: yes

Support: Ticket




Links Push: 1200

Time Used: 90 days

Check Indexed: yes

Support: Ticket




Links Push: 1800

Time Used: 180 days

Check Indexed: yes

Support: Ticket



Frequently asked questions

What if my URL is not indexed?

IndexPush has an automatic quota refund mechanism for URLs that aren’t indexed within 10 days of submission to our system. THIS MEANS YOU ONLY PAY FOR URLs THAT HAVE BEEN INDEXED in Google’s database.

Why is there a usage period?

The resources that ScapBot uses to crawl and index your URLs are not unlimited. Everything is consumed on a daily basis, and that’s why we have a usage period and provide a quota that is sufficient for a certain number of customers.

Why is the URL indexed but not appearing on Google?

IndexPush has a mechanism to check the indexing status based on Google’s original database. You will need to wait an additional 1-2 days for indexed URLs to be cached and subsequently appear on Google through the ‘site:URL’ syntax.

Is the quota and time accumulative?

Yes, if you purchase the Basic package with leftover use time and then purchase the Star package, the remaining quota and time from the Basic package will be transferred to the Star package. However, it will not be accrued if your current package has no remaining time.

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